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Saturate Austin Institute

Biblical Training & Practical Application for Leaders

Saturate Austin trains and unleashes passionate Christ-followers into every sector of society to serve as church planters, missionaries, pastors, and effective kingdom-minded leaders. They serve in the local and global church, in their neighborhoods, and workplaces. Saturate Austin provides a path for men and women to receive biblical training and practical application while keeping them in their current mission field. No need to “go off to school” to be equipped for greater ministry impact.

If you sense God’s call on your life and are growing in passion to reach our city, or possibly the world, with the gospel, and want to join in where God is already working, we’d love to talk with you.

Saturate Austin Institute is an affordable way to receive excellent, biblical leadership training from gifted and experienced instructors. There is no fee to apply. Upon acceptance, we will notify you of acceptable forms of payment. Additionally, we will offer free childcare for the Wednesday night classes.

The cost of registration for each course is $50 to cover manuals, speakers, and supplies. The next course we are offering beginning Wednesday, February 5, 2020 is Bible Study Methods. This is 8 week course is open to all new and returning Saturate Austin Students. Childcare is available. The link to register for this course online is: https://tinyurl.com/sgo24v5

For further questions please contact Laurie Carlson at: [email protected]

Courses Offered

View a description of our courses below.

Old Testament Survey

A broad overview and survey of the Old Testament designed to emphasize the structure, theme and message of the Old Testament and each of its 39 individual books in order to provide understanding of God’s self revelation and His plan of redemption.

Bible Study Methods

The foundational course where you will be introduced to some of the many aspects of biblical interpretation and learn to discern what Scripture says, what it means, and how it can be applied. You’ll gain a fresh understanding of God’s Word and the confidence to share it in whatever capacity you serve.

Bible Doctrine Survey

A Survey and summary of the ten major doctrines of the Bible with an emphasis on knowing God more fully while understanding and practicing sound theology.

New Testament Survey

An overview survey of the New Testament focusing on the author, theme, purpose, structure and basic content of each individual book and relating each book to the whole Bible. Strong emphasis is also given to the application message of each book.