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Saturate Austin Institute

Our purpose in Saturate Austin Institute is that through God’s inspired Word, which is useful to teach, correct, and train people for every good work, we would unleash equipped and passionate Christ-followers into every sector of society to reach every man, woman, and child with the Gospel of Jesus. 

Biblical Training & Practical Application

“God is unwilling for you to just collect theological information.  He wants that information to be a tool of personal transformation.”
- Paul Tripp, Author & Pastor

Saturate Austin Institute is a training and equipping ministry that is designed to give believers biblical and theological training that will produce personal growth and maximize their effectiveness in their current and future areas of ministry. 

Every follower of Jesus is gifted and called by God to serve others and make a difference with their life. We believe that the local church is the primary place a follower of Jesus is prepared for the service to which God has called them.  We provide an environment that allows people to study God's Word in an intentional and structured way, so they can be transformed by what they learn and mobilized to saturate greater Austin with the love of Jesus. 

SAI is not a typical Bible study class. Although we do study the Bible, the goal of each course is to see the biblical and theological instruction lived out by our participants. It is important that participants leave the program with practical ways to apply what they’ve learned because that’s where we’ll see the greatest impact for the Kingdom.


Fall 2023 Offering:



  • Bible Doctrine Survey - Sept. 6 - Nov. 8
    • Wednesdays 7:00-8:45 pm
    • Live onsite or online via Zoom
  • Living the Called Life - Sept. 6 - Oct. 25
    • Wednesdays 7:00-8:30 pm
    • Live onsite only
  • Preaching, Teaching & Communication - Sept. 6 - Nov. 8
    • Wednesdays 7:00-8:30 pm
    • Live onsite only
  • DiscipleMakers Learning Community - Sept. 6 - Oct. 25
    • Wednesdays 7:00 - 8:30 pm
    • Live onsite only
  • Biblical Worldview/Colson Fellows - July 2023 - May 2024
    • Live onsite one Saturday per month
    • Registration is open for 2023-24 program

    • TBD - 
      • Wednesday 
      • Live onsite

There is a registration fee for each course to cover materials and supplies. Register at above link, select course you would like to attend and follow directions. If registering for childcare, access link a second time and select Childcare option, there is a nominal fee for childcare. 

For further questions please contact Saturate Austin Institute Office at this link.


Core Courses Offered

Bible Study Methods

This is our foundational course where you will be introduced to some of the many aspects of biblical interpretation and learn to discern what Scripture says, what it means, and how it can be applied to your life. You’ll gain a fresh understanding of God’s Word and the confidence to share it in whatever capacity you serve.

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Old Testament Survey

This course is a broad overview of the Old Testament designed to emphasize the structure, theme, and message of the Old Testament as a whole and each of its 39 individual books in order to provide understanding of God’s self revelation and His plan of redemption.

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New Testament Survey

This course is a broad overview of the New Testament focusing on the author, theme, purpose, structure, and basic content of each individual book and relating each book to the whole Bible. Strong emphasis is also given to the application message of each book.

Bible Doctrine Survey

A Survey and summary of ten major doctrines of the Bible including the Trinity, Man, Sin, Salvation, Church, Angels, and End Times with an emphasis on knowing God more fully while understanding and practicing sound theology.

Living the Called Life

The task of determining where God has called each of us to serve can be daunting. How do we determine where God desires to use our gifts and strengths? In “Living the Called Life,” we will walk through practical steps to determine what areas of ministry God might be calling you into. We will look at how God has wired you in terms of your spiritual gifts, your strengths, and your passions and help you take the next step in living out God’s calling for you in this season of your life.

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Elective Courses Offered

Biblical Worldview

God has called his people to be winsome proclaimers of who he is and his Good News in Jesus. He’s also called us to be wise and understanding as we engage people in this great commission. What makes this task difficult, among many reasons we could mention, is that the people and culture around us think and believe differently than we do. The world has different answers to questions about right and wrong, heaven and hell, and the nature of truth. Given this reality, how do we engage effectively and profitably with people where we live, work, learn, and play?

Biblical worldview gives you the basics of how to think “Christianly” about the issues in the world. Topics include: What is truth? Who is man? Who is God? How are we to handle history? How do we think about the role of science and ethics? And much more. 

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Leadership Development

If God has given you the ability and the opportunity to lead, we want to help you maximize that gift. While we believe God calls people into leadership with a spiritual deposit from the Holy Spirit, we also believe leadership skills can be developed and honed through an intentional understanding and practice of biblical leadership. If you are called to lead, we want to equip you to do so in the best way that you can. 

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As a leader your communication ability will, to a large degree, determine your level of effectiveness. Whether you are communicating an idea to a coworker, a presentation to a team, or casting vision for your organization, communication matters. In a ministry context, being able to communicate God’s Word in a clear, compelling, and biblically accurate manner is vital and a part of good ministry practice.

How then do we communicate well? How do we prepare, refine, and deliver solid content that leads to the edification of our listeners? If you want to improve as a communicator and gain the basic skills of relaying God’s Word effectively, this course may be for you.

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Disciple Makers Learning Community

Making disciples – leading people to faith in Jesus and helping them grow to become Fully Formed Followers of Jesus – is the core priority Jesus set for his followers. Disciple making must dominate the church's agenda through all of our ministries.

If you are currently making disciples, have been discipled, or are currently being discipled and plan to begin discipling others soon, this Learning Community will “supercharge” your discipling vision and skills!

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Colson Fellows Program

In the Colson Fellows Program, we examine a myriad of issues and ideologies that are flooding our marketplaces, schools and universities, homes, and even our churches. Colson Fellows spend time looking at topics like racial tension, gender identity, sexual orientation, Critical Race Theory, religious liberty, and the sanctity of life. Not only that, but we look at different worldviews and the many ideologies that have shaped our culture over time.

Colson Fellows are a diverse and courageous community of Christians—from corporate CEOs and university professors to homeschool moms, teachers, pastors, and ministry leaders—all pursuing God’s glory in every arena of life for the good of the world.

This ten-month course will guide you through the intersections of theology, faith, and culture. You will engage in daily devotionals related to contemporary cultural issues, complete curated book studies, and interact with faculty and fellow students from across the country on the Colson Fellows Learning Platform.

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Relational Leadership

Relational Leadership: 7 Biblical Practices That Will Propel Your Relationships Forward

 This class is designed to give you 7 simple practices that emerge from the principles in God’s Word that you can start right here and now. 

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Comments from SAI Students:

"SAI has truly been everything I hoped it would be, and so much more. I've not only learned a ton, but I'm grateful for how you've pushed me out of my comfort zone so I could grow."

"Through Saturate Austin Institute, I have gained so much more knowledge and clarification of the Bible. Before starting SAI, I did not realize how much information is packed into the Bible. I am much better equipped to lead my student ministry small group. I can now confidently answer questions and lead discussions that I was not able to in the past."

"The class/studies have given me a better understanding of the Bible which helps me not be so shy engaging people about the Bible".

"It has provided me a better understanding of how the God of the Old Testament loved us just as he does now. It’s equipped me to share the love of Jesus more boldly, specifically at work. It encouraged me to enhance my quiet times with deeper study and build a stronger community of believers around me."

"[SAI has] given me the ability to answer some tough questions about reconciling God's wrath and judgment in the Old Testament with the love that is shown in the New Testament."

"I kept catching myself using what I learned from class as helpful information while leading my small group. I also have a much better overall understanding of sermons, devotionals, and other reading I do when the Old Testament is used for part of the lesson plan."