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Recommended for ages 4+

Create Intentional Moments



Family Time Overview

When your child reaches about four years old, it is a great time to establish a pattern of including fun family times in your schedule to foster communication, laughter, and faith formation.

It is important to have a consistent routine of creating intentional moments that will help your family deepen relationships and have faith discussions. Regularly scheduled family time activities are a great way to make that happen. 

For some families this might be a particular night of the week after dinner. For another family it might be after Saturday morning breakfast. Decide what works for your unique schedule and then protect that time. You might need to say “no” to some good things to make family times a priority. We suggest scheduling a family time experience weekly, but no less than twice per month. Setting and keeping a regular schedule will show commitment and value to all involved.

Plan for success by finding resources to help make your family times a great experience. This guide will provide several ideas to help you get started and recommend where you can find other great ideas. As your child gets older, ask them if there are specific topics they would like to make a part of your time together and let them help plan your activities. Don’t forget that the Bible is the most important resource God has given us to instill truth in the hearts and minds of our children.



Protect a day and time for Family Time. If you have a family calendar, let your child highlight or circle the day to help build anticipation.

Choose a Family Time theme song to gather everyone together. Spend a little time singing, silly dancing, swinging the kids, etc. to get everyone in the mood for the best part of the week!

Use the Just Like Air below to test-drive a fun activity together. Then choose another tool from the Helpful Tools section, which will provide object lesson activities to help you reinforce biblical values and lessons on an ongoing basis.

Just Like Air Idea Card Download

More Suggestions



Let’s gain helpful insights from families that have used the Family Time routine in their home.


Take advantage of these resources as you begin the Family Time routine in your home.

Ten Family Time Activities

Family Night Tool Chest Series

More Family Time Idea Cards


  • Pick a family verse that you want to memorize and say together. Make up or use some fun games to learn the verse.
  • Discuss a movie that is age appropriate for your child. Make some popcorn and watch the film together. Afterwards, have a “faith talk” about the choices of characters and other aspects of the story that catch your attention. Check out www.movienightchat.com.
  • Share with your child something that God has been teaching you.
  • Cook a meal together and use the time for sharing and talking.
  • Take time to ask each member of the family to share his or her “high” and “low” of the day.
  • Go on a family walk and spend the time praying for each other, the neighbors, or others.
  • Capture family prayer requests using a prayer chart or on a refrigerator white board.
  • Create impromptu “God-moments” by taking advantage of unplanned and unscheduled opportunities to discuss your faith in the daily routine of life.




As children get older, they become ready for additional steps along Milestones. Set a calendar reminder for your child’s next birthday to return to this page to select their next step. Thank you for becoming intentional about guiding your child’s faith journey!