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meals with meaning

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Do you have a story of how meal time has changed your family's dynamic or trajectory? We would love to hear how you've been able to grow in God through making meals intentional. Fill out this form. We'd love to hear your story!

Share your story

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Thank you for joining the challenge to revitalize your mealtime routine during the next 120 days!

One of the simplest ways to instill strong faith and values at home is to share meals together in an intentional manner. Studies confirm that kids and teens that eat frequent meals with the family do better in school and avoid risky behaviors such as drinking, drugs, and promiscuity. To help make the process easy, we have provided several tools including the Meals with Meaning Guide and Idea Cards below. Additionally, we have a placemat that will also be sent home with your kids each month, and social media contests through Student Ministries. We will have new tools, including the downloadable placemat below, throughout the 120 days, so be sure to check back!

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Get the Meals with Meaning Placemat

meals with meaning contest

Meals should be exciting and something you look forward to, so to help make it even more fun, you can win great prizes by participating in the Hill Country Bible Church Meals with Meaning contest from February through May. A family meal of your choosing, provided by Hill Country, will be awarded monthly with the grand prize of a getaway for the whole family! Follow these three simple steps to qualify:

Step One: Eat meals together as a family at least three times per week. Five or more is even better!

Step Two: Submit one entry card per family per month to a Family Center at one of our locations, or online at hcbc.com/meals. Be sure to include all of the requested information.

Step Three: Post great ideas, fun pictures, and brief stories from your family mealtime routine on social media and tag us at @hcbcaustin and #hcbcmeals.



Mealtime conversation should be something everyone looks forward to rather than a place to discuss problems or give correction. Here is a guide that will help encourage both informal chat and intentional faith conversations.




Sometimes we don’t know where to begin with conversation or are not sure how to keep it going, so the below guide is filled with 120 questions to get the conversation started at your table!

Conversation Starters


mealtime chat idea cards

Idea Cards make it easy for couples, parents and grandparents to take one small step to become more intentional at home, including marriage date nights, family time activities, connecting with your teen, mealtime conversations, movie night chats, etc. 

Check out all of our Idea Cards below!

Dinner and A Movie

This card is great to use for creating a time to connect and have good conversation with your child or teen while eating and watching a movie!

Dinner and a movie

EGGscuse Me?

This is a great card to use over breakfast to illustrate the Gospel and discussing our true status without Christ!

EGG-scuse me?

Face Your Fears

Learning about facing our fears by trying out new foods, talking about personal challenges, and learning how God’s love conquers all!

Face Your Fears


This card is good for strengthening the parent/teen relationship by having fun making a special meal, fostering good conversation, and discovering one another’s favorite things!


Follow Instructions

Use this activity with any recipe to have fun making a special meal and fostering intentional conversation about the instructions God has for our lives.

Follow Instructions

God's Timing

Learning about God’s perfect timing!

God's Timing

Hand in Hand

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “hand in hand”? Some define it as two things that exist together, connected, well matched, in full unity and strength. Pick up this idea card to learn more, and get the conversation started!

hand in hand

One of a Kind

An intentional time to talk about how God has made each one of us unique and special for His glory!

One of a Kind

Stronger Together

Use this activity to make a family spaghetti meal together and discuss how God gives us strength as we stand together.

Stronger Together

got questions?

We would love to help you be more intentional in your family and grow in your walk with Jesus. You can grab more ideas in our FAMILY section! If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected]. Or, if you want to learn more about what Hill Country has to offer, choose your location below.