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Intentional Grandparenting


 Join us for the Intentional Grandparenting Rally

  • Grandparents have an important spiritual role to play in their grandchildren’s life. And it’s not too early—or even too late—to start. You don’t have to walk the path alone, so join others to learn, grow, and both receive and offer encouragement. We’ll talk about how to take next steps from the Legacy Grandparenting Summit in October 2023, engage in interactive time, hear a speaker and a panel Q&A, and receive resources. Plus, lunch is provided!
  • Sunday, May 19 12:30pm right after 2nd service.  Lakeline Location Gym.  Free to attend.
  • Register HERE

Grandparents have an important spiritual role to play

CULTURE SAYS:  It’s time to take it easy and enjoy spoiling your grandchildren.
SCRIPTURE SAYS:  Grandparents are called to a greater level of influence. – “Teach them to your children and to their children after them.” Deut. 4:9


  • You are important to your grandchildren
  • You are in a unique position of influence
  • You can build and grow relationships with your family
  • You can pass a legacy of faith to the next generations


 Whether you attended our Oct/2023 summit or not, we pray that each of you are now prayerfully considering the next steps God has for you as you pursue this critical biblical calling. 

 Here are a few Next Steps to consider:

  1. Attend the Rally mentioned above.
  2. Join an Intentional Grandparenting small group. Watch the Grandparenting Matters course from the Legacy Coalition and discuss it together with other grandparents. This course provides practical steps grandparents can take to become a more intentional Christian grandparent.
  3. Start a new Intentional Grandparenting small group.  Invite friends to join you, or welcome other grandparents and host it in your own home.

 We are praying for each of you as you follow God’s calling to be an Intentional Christian Grandparent.

 Questions?  Email us at [email protected]

Here are other resources to help you (most items in red are links):

  • Grandparenting Matters study and discussion (in Small Groups)
    • Two format options:  6 sessions to watch 2 short videos each w/discussion questions, or 12 sessions to watch 1 video with questions.
    • Learn what the Bible says about your influence as a grandparent
    • Discover ways to strengthen your relationships with your adult children and influence your grandchildren spiritually
    • Connect with other grandparents who share similar experiences
    • Use with your Hill Country small groups
    • Contact Ken & Sylvia Cates at [email protected] or send an email to [email protected] with any questions.
  • Resource Cards  
    • As parents or grandparents, it can be hard to know how to best spiritually lead your children/grandchildren.  Here is some information that may help you:
  • Grand Monday Nights 

      Hear from a variety of speakers and relevant topics each week to help you grow as a Christian grandparent.

      In these webinars, you’ll:

      • Get practical ideas and information on grandparenting
      • Learn how to nurture your grandchildren’s faith and overcome obstacles
      • Find encouragement through testimonies from other grandparents

For additional resources about intentional Christian grandparenting, check out the Legacy Coalition website HERE.  They are the world's largest supplier of grandparenting resources.

Contact Ken & Sylvia Cates or send an email to [email protected] with any questions.

To learn more about our Senior Adults ministry at Hill Country, check out our webpage HERE