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Courageous Parenting

As parents, you face many challenges in raising your children. With the tide of our culture increasingly pushing in a different direction than our calling as followers of Jesus, the parenting challenges you face grow . . . as do the opportunities to make a difference.

Like you, we long to see our youngest generation become the generation with the greatest love of and impact for Jesus. It's perhaps your biggest challenge, but through the strengthening and wisdom of God, you can do it! And we can help!

What is Courageous Parenting?

Courageous Parenting equips a like-minded community of parents who are committed to raising kids who are disciples of Christ rather than products of the culture. Together, parents encouage one another and help each other make Courageous Choices that will shape their children’s faith and grow Christ-followers who are distinctively Christian in a culture which is distinctively not Christian.


Interested in growing as a Courageous Parent? Check out these next steps:


Catch the vision for Courageous Parenting by watching our most recent Vision Night.


Work through our Courageous Parenting Digital Guide to evaluate where you are in identifying and making the courageous choices to grow disciples of Christ rather than products of the culture.



Hear insight from Christian thought leaders and encouraging interviews with some of Hill Country’s own Courageous Parents at our Counter-Culture Parent Podcast.



Enroll in our Courageous Parenting email list to stay up to date on future Courageous Parenting series and gatherings.