AWANAis a time for kids age three to sixth grade to participate in creative and exciting games and activities while memorizing Bible verses and learning foundational truths of the Christian faith. AWANA, which stands for Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed, will meet on Sundays at 4:30pm at the Lakeline campus. Kids learn about Jesus in a way they understand, while having fun and building strong friendships.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Children must be three-years-old and potty-trained by September 1. You can find a breakdown of the fees associated with awanas here


We're Returning!

We can’t wait for Sunday, February 7th and returning to community! God tells us that we’re meant to be together—to learn, to worship, to pray, to encourage each other!   We can’t think of anything better than to see a community engaged in loving and learning about Jesus!  We are starting slow, but only meeting every other week, starting February 7th.  Here are some preliminary things we're working on to make this a safe experience for clubbers and leaders while respecting our host's guidance. 

Digital Health Precheck:  Skip the questions! Answer your health questions digitally before you arrive, show your green check mark, and move on to your temperature check and your kids’ nametags. 

Go to our Digital Health Precheck here: www.hcbcprecheck.com  

To keep our environment safe and fun while helping them grow, we will all have responsibilities. 

Your Part: 

Before you come! 

Health Check – Please confirm at check-in that you have taken the following self-health check before arrival.   
1.  Take your clubber/leader temperature the afternoon of check-in to confirm your temperature is under 99.9o. (We will do this again on site.)

2.  Read and answer the Digital Health Precheck questions. 

·     Photo ID for Cubbies – For security, please bring a photo ID (Driver’s License) for the adult (no brother/sister pick-ups) planning to pick up the child (the 2 adults listed on the registration will be the only ones able to pick a child up from class).

·     Cell Phones – Please make sure you bring your cell phone as this will be our primary way to reach you if needed.

·     Waiting Off-Campus – As before, Awana offers the opportunity of a date-night albeit shorter this year.  Importantly, in order to not only ensure safety of others but also respecting our hosts cleaning efforts, we ask parents to wait outside of the building and to use the most direct routes in/out for pick-up / drop-off to minimize use of the facility.

 Sunday afternoon!  

·     Arrival –Come in either the main 1st floor entrance or entrance near the Café and make your way to the 2nd floor Children’s lobby.  We’ll be there to greet you and help you through our process!  
NOTE:  Check-in will start 15 min prior to club to allow for social-distancing.

·      Check-In (volunteers & clubbers) – When you arrive at the 2nd floor Children’s lobby, we’ll do a quick health check to confirm that your family is symptom free and will re-take temperatures.  To streamline your experience, skip the questions by taking this Digital Health Check before you arrive. After your quick health check, you will receive a pre-printed name tag with your child’s information.  We’ll help you get to your club with social distancing for an amazing afternoon! 

·      Pick Up –  

For Cubbies and Sparks, we offer pick up at the main doors of the 3rd floor auditorium.  We will call your child to meet you at the door. 

For T&T, please pick up your child at the Café entrance breezeway (in your car).   We will send them to you.

·       Masks – During drop off and pick up when distancing is more challenging, we ask all families entering the Children’s area to wear masks. 

For T&T, we require masks for their gathering.  Cubbies and Sparks may take their masks off only when in their pods.

A Reminder about Our Part:    

  • Health Screening of all clubcers attending and ongoing vigilance for symptoms.
  • Care and caution in cleaning and interactions and increased hygiene and sanitizing procedures. 
  • Health and temperature checks for all Awana volunteers.  
  • For Cubbies and Sparks, children remain in size-limited pods, keeping distance from other pods.  Masks are recommended not required for our pod/class leaders within their pods/classes.
  • For T&T, we will provide social distancing between students and require students and leaders to wear masks.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Interested in volunteering?

AWANA happens because of our great volunteers! The more volunteers we have, the more children we can serve for Him. Are you available to help with AWANA?

Adultlication Volunteer App
Student Leader Volunteer Application

Email us at [email protected].