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Training Center

Growing the Gospel

To identify, develop, equip and deploy church planters we formed the Church Plant Training Center. The training center utilizes leadership development, experts, experiences and exposures in the life of the church.  The center also offers “Essentials Training”, an eight-week set of learning modules that prepare the planter for a successful start. Essentials Training modules are offered to anyone in the city who wants the learn the art and science of planting from seasoned experts and current church planters. 

“We are not planting a church,

we are planting a movement.”

– Tim Hawks

The resident learns to exegete culture, enlist prospective team members, engage the neighborhood where he is sent, raise up elders, design a project plan, and finally to present a “ministry plan” to identify appropriate levels of funding for the start up. 

If you are interested in the Church Plant Training Center or the residency here are some steps you can take:

  • Contact the Church Plant Training Center office and speak with someone on the team. You may call direct to 512-336-4301. 
  • Take the online initial assessment at Churchplanterprofiles.com and select Hill Country Bible Church as the agency to receive the report automatically.
  • Once you have completed the assessment, send a current resume to the Church Plant Training Center at [email protected].
  • Visit one of our association churches and learn how to live out the gospel in the context of a community that is committed to making disciples, training leaders and planting churches.Several of our association churches have residents imbedded in them and people learn on the front lines of a church plant who in turn desires to plant a church.