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Steiner Ranch

4310 North Quinlan Park Rd., Austin, TX 78732

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1303 Leander Drive Leander, TX 78641

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other ways to serve

The resurrection of Jesus changes everything about the way we live our lives. Jesus rose from the dead to give us new life in the here and now. With this new life, we are called to become Difference Makers and bring life (the hope and presence of Jesus) to the world. 

A Difference Maker is one who celebrates the new life they have in Jesus by bringing His life to others.

During our Difference Makers series, we’ll examine four significant issues facing our city and world 

today — human trafficking, unplanned pregnancy, poverty and homelessness, and neighboring. However, there are many other issues in today’s world where you might feel called to make a positive impact. 

If you’re still considering the specific area where you believe you can make the greatest difference, use this brochure as a guide for prompts and ideas to help you find the area where you can effect change.

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What are the other ways you can serve?

As you explore these issues, let’s look at a few of the ways you can engage:

At Hill country

Discover Hill Country

At every point in life, we have a next step in our journey with God. Whether it’s your first step or the next of many, we’ve made it easy for you to discover and take yours by participating in Discover Hill Country. o

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In the Church

During this Difference Makers series, we’re asking God how He wants us to impact our community and the world. Hill Country is committed to intentionally investing in people — in all our places of influence — in our neighborhood, in our schools, at work, and around the world.

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In the Austin Community - Ministry

Christian Resource Center

The Christian Resource Center is a place to network and provide support in a variety of ways. 

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English Language Ambassadors

Help immigrants and refugees from unreached areas of the world learn English through our local ministry partners, English Language Ambassadors.

Or serve as a conversation partner at Twin Lakes Fellowship by contacting Laura Jacob at [email protected]

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In the Austin Community - public

Austin Public Library

Serve at the Austin Public Library

Volunteer to review grant applications.

Volunteer to review grant applications.

Austin Parks and Rec

Participate in an Austin Parks and Recreation volunteer program.

Austin Animal Center

Volunteer at the Austin Animal Center.

In your local school

Moms in Prayer

Connect with moms who pray together to impact the next generation.

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Join Your PTA

Join your PTA, and serve in your local school in a variety of ways. 

Education Connection

This fall, commit to help a child read and make a lasting impact in our city 

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in prison ministries

The God of Hope

Visit the link below or have a conversations with Patrick Burns [email protected] for men or Lisa Dozier [email protected] for women.

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AIM Polunsky

Help reach 200 men imprisoned in the Allan B. Polunsky Unit. 

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Get involved at Jail-to-Jobs where youth gain the experience and skills needed to get and keep a quality job — something many of them did not think was possible because of their past. Contact Chris at [email protected] 

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think nationally and globally

Be Equipped

Be equipped to share the love of Christ with all nations here in Austin and beyond. We encourage you to prayerfully consider actively participating in God’s global mission locally by helping refugees and internationals learn English, connecting with and caring for our missionaries around the world, or being launched overseas to serve alongside our global partners. Text GO to 855.729.0470 and a Global Leadership Team Member will connect with you to help you identify your next step.

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