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We are living in unprecedented and difficult times, and many people are looking for answers to life’s deepest questions and wondering if there is any hope. We want to follow Jesus together and make the most of our opportunities to share His love. This Easter, for the first time in our lives, we cannot physically gather as a church family due to safety reasons.?There are many new restrictions we are experiencing because of COVID-19. It would be tempting to have a scarcity mindset and embrace discouragement. Jesus is too good and powerful for us to assume this posture and miss the moment. Instead of retreating, let's be proactive.

We will join followers of Jesus across the country who want to share our Savior in a special way. Each one of us has a story of how Jesus transformed us. It is time to share our stories! And yes, we can still invite people to join us online for our Easter services. That is very positive, but we also want to have an abundance mindset and go beyond that. During this week, let's do something we have never done before. Let's share our faith in a personal way with the people around us. God has given us all of the resources needed to spread the good news to a world that is hurting, looking for answers to life’s deepest questions, and wondering if there is any hope. Jesus is that hope! We will tell our stories and share the videos on social media as we have the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of people across the Greater Austin, the nation, and the world.? 

The Details

Make a 60-90 second video on your phone and share your story with Jesus as the hero. Post the video on your Facebook and Instagram. Pray for people who will watch it and trust God with the results. It really is simple enough that we can do this with the Spirit's help. Be authentic, keep the phone at eye level, and make sure you have good lighting. When you post it, use the hashtag #JesusChangedMyLife and tag our church (i.e. @hcbcaustin). Include an invitation to join you for our online Easter services. If you don’t want to share a video of yourself, feel free to just write your testimony in a social media post!

What's Your Story?

We’ve all heard the gospel called good news. But another way to translate that term is “the good story.” Every one of us has a unique story to tell. One no one else can tell. Yet the hero in all those stories is the same — Jesus! The easiest way to communicate your story is to have a couple of sentences for each these four elements: 

  1. Growing Up…  
  2. My Life Was… 
  3. Then I Heard...
  4. Now... 

If that outline is helpful, please use it. If you prefer to share in a different way that’s ok, but please make sure you communicate that Jesus is the one who is the hero of your story.

Sample Stories


Video Shooting Guide

Here are some best practices for shooting yourself on your phone.

  • Simple, clean backdrops are ideal – Avoid distracting backgrounds or crowed spaces.
  • In natural light – Avoid backlighting. The main source of light should be facing you, not behind you.
  • In artificial light – Avoid standing directly below an overhead light or anything else that creates hard shadows. Consider using a stand lamp several feet away for good indirect light.
  • Shoot eye level – Shooting from above or below will make you seem diminished or imposing. Eye level communicates accessibility.
  • Clean your camera – Make sure the lens of your selfie camera is clean before shooting.
  • Shoot landscape – Turn your phone horizontally.