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Crisis Support
Mar 27 2:06 PM

Crisis Support

Mar 27 2:06 PM
Mar 27 2:06 PM

Crisis Defined: A crisis is not just an external event or circumstance (such as COVID-19), but it also encompasses the individual’s response to that event. Since people are so uniquely made, there will be a variety of responses to the same crisis event and vastly different needs that surface during this time.

This training will help you navigate those range of needs and help support those in need.

Step 1: Assess the Need from Highest to Lowest

  • What is your greatest concern right now? examples include:
    • Physical Danger
      • Medical Attention or Care
      • Physical Resources and Needs
    • Spiritual Needs
      • Faith Crisis/Opportunity (where is God? Openness to know more about God)
    • Emotional Needs
      • Anxiety-fear in response to something currently happening or fear in response to something potentially happening
      • Depression-isolation or feelings of hopelessness
    • Relational Needs
      • Isolation/Disconnection
      • Amplified Relational Struggle-being in close quarters for a long period of time will heighten preexisting challenges or surface new relational challenges.

Step 2: Presence

  • Establish Rapport
    • Some of our callers may not be someone we know personally, so it’s incredibly important to first create a quick relationship with that person that feels safe and supportive.
  • Compassion
    • Engage and respond to the person with compassion and understanding.
  • Normalizing
    • Just allowing someone the space to voice their fears/concerns and meeting that voice with understanding and compassion is a healing experience that calms the fears down.

Step 3: Educate and Support: Navigate the person to possible resources to meet their need

  • What can I do to be helpful? Options:
    • Would you like some resources that our church is offering or that I know of in the community?
    • Let them know the options or plans that we have put into place already
    • Can I pray with you?