Widows in Touch

Completeness in Christ

Learning to navigate life as a single woman again is difficult and full of unique challenges. Widows in Touch seeks to provide women with hope, encouragement, and an eternal perspective. By connecting widows with one another, we hope to create an environment where Jesus Christ can forge powerful, supportive relationships as you discover His continuing will for your life.

Our Purpose: The Widows in Touch Ministry exists to support, love and encourage widows, as we look together to Christ for our hope and future.

If you would like to attend please contact Judy Miller for details.      


  • Jean Bringol  | 512-632-2500 | Email
  • Judy Miller    | 512-940-1280 |Email
  • Mary Page    | 913-558-2116 | Email


“There were times when I thought I was the only one.  Even though I had friends and family for support, unless you have been there and lost the love of your life, they really couldn’t understand what I was going through.  Therefore, sharing with other widows has been a life saver.”  -MJP

“This group has been such a blessing for empathy, support, laughs, tears, spiritual growth, and friendship!! Love a sister in the Lord.”  -MP

“The widows’ group keeps me grounded in God’s Word, moving in the right direction.  Love, love the book studies we’ve had. Coming alongside another who is grieving, reaching out to her in time of sorrow heals me also.” -RAM

“I feel accepted and open to share feelings and thoughts I often hold inside.  I am free to laugh at the silly things we say and know that no one will think I’m not being proper.”