Racial Justice, Healing, and Unity

We are deeply disturbed and grieved by the murder of George Floyd by a police officer. As a church, we denounce racism, and we are praying for the Floyd family, the city of Minneapolis, and for our nation that God would rid it of the scourge of racism. 

During this time, many of us are hurting, angry, confused, and wondering what to do. We ask you to join us in crying out to God for racial justice, healing, and unity in our city and nation. Now more than ever, we need God to move!

We are continuing to work on ways we can help bring racial unity and the hope of Jesus to our world. As a start, you can find some helpful resources on racial unity below.

Message from Tory Mayo

Pastor Tory Mayo of The Well Community Church, one of our sister churches, gave a powerful message to kick off our day of prayer and fasting for racial justice, healing, and unity. We encourage you to watch the message, and then here are two options for how to go deeper:

  1. Watch the whole video in your group and discuss.
  2. If your group members did not attend the 24 Hour Prayer & Fasting kickoff at the church, follow the video “as is” and have a night of prayer in your group.

Watch Now

24 Hour Prayer Guide

We've created a prayer guide for you to use for a day of prayer on racial unity. You can get it here. There's also a guide for how to include your children in this time of prayer here.

Prayer Guide   For the Whole Family

Message from Tony Evans

Senior Pastor at Oak Cliff BIble Fellowship in Dallas, Tony Evans shares an important message, which we all need to hear. Watch the video in a group and discuss.

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