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Fufilling the Great Comission in Our City

Hill Country Bible Church is committed to its vision of sharing the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ with every man, woman and child in Greater Austin. It is a general and foundational goal for all our ministry work. However, we also employ a very specific and focused strategy for reaching out to and loving the people of our city. This reaching strategy encompasses four quadrants:

Spiritual Awareness

Raising the spiritual awareness of a city is a daunting task. Yet, through the mobilized efforts of Christ followers throughout the area, meaningful conversations about the gospel can occur one person at a time.

In 2013, HCBC, along with 370 other churches in Greater Austin, participated in the Explore God initiative. Thousands of spiritual conversations took place across the city and at least 50,000 people heard the gospel.

Acts of Service

Demonstrating the love of God by meeting the needs of the city is critical to reaching every man, woman and child. The needs are many and HCBC and other churches in Austin have agreed to go deep in one area: education.

Research, experience, and discussions with city leaders have shown us that education is a key factor in releasing individuals from poverty. We feel called to remove obstacles and invest time in students to help them succeed in school and in life.

The Austin area is home to more than 200 elementary schools. By connecting a church with each school, the body of Christ ministers to children, one on one, while also supporting educators as they help children learn and grow. So far, more than 90 church/school partnerships have been established in the Greater Austin area.

Find out how you can be a part of this effort by volunteering to be a part of Education Connection.

Circles of Accountability

Jesus said we should love our neighbors and we take that very seriously. We challenge believers to enter into relationships with those who live closest to them and to take personal ownership of their responsibility to share the gospel.

By uniting, challenging and equipping churches around us, we seek to make the love of Christ tangible, encouraging Christ followers to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those living next to them.

Church Planting

The number of churches per 100 people in Greater Austin is far below the national average. The need for church planting in our area is staggering. Along with our partners, we prayerfully seek to:
– Plant new churches
– Develop training centers to equip planters with the needed skills and knowledge
– Communicate with one another about church planting plans, strategies and best practices
– Renew our hearts for evangelism in our existing churches

You can learn more about our church planting efforts, as well as our Church Plant Training Center.