Job Seekers Network

Helping You Find a Better Fitting Job Faster

Join Job Seekers Network for free meetings each Monday. You will receive excellent job search training, encouragement, and the opportunity to network with nearly 100 other job seekers. This is a proven process to help you find a better fitting job faster. JSN primarily helps those who need a resume to get a job.

Meetings are from 9-11:30 am. Newcomers arrive at 8:40 am. A typical meeting includes a guest speaker and small group training on personal branding, resumes, LinkedIn, interviewing, networking, and more. JSN also offers special workshops on career direction and life purpose / calling.

No pre-registration is required, and the dress is business casual. JSN is open to everyone – you don’t have to be a member of Hill Country Bible Church or any church to attend.

For more information and to send job leads, please visit: www.job-seekers-network.org


“I paid $5,000 to another career service organization for essentially the same training I could have gotten for FREE at Job Seekers Network. That’s why I volunteer my time to Job Seekers Network.” –  Douglas Mitchell, JSN Alumni/Coach

I trust JSN and know that they are concerned with the whole person – their job search needs, sure, but also their emotional and spiritual needs. Helping them find work that fits them so that they don’t end up unemployed again in 3 month makes a huge difference.” – Michael Brown, JSN Business Partner 

“I have been to over 300 job search groups around the United States, and Job Seekers Network is truly one of the best.”  – Abby Kohut, National Job Search Expert & Author