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Divorce Care

Healing from the Hurt of Divorce

Fall Session | September 10 - December 10

DivorceCare classes are designed to help you work through the challenges that come with divorce, all in an atmosphere of hope and support. Each seminar covers important and helpful topics such as anger, self-esteem and boundaries. Whether you are separated, newly divorced, or have been divorced for years, DivorceCare will meet you where you are and help you improve your life.

Childcare is offered for infants – 12 years of age.  The cost is $20.00 for 14 weeks.  Register for Childcare .

If you’re looking for additional resources to help you navigate this difficult time, visit  for more information.

DivorceCare for Kids
We are currently seeking leaders to begin a DivorceCare for Kids class.

For more information and to send job leads, please visit:


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