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Holy Sexuality and the Gospel Conference

Thank you for attending this year's conference!
You can watch the conference in it's entirety, along with Dr. Yuan's Testimony, below! 

As more confusion abounds on sexuality and gender, Dr. Christopher Yuan powerfully articulates that God's truth is crystal clear, not gray.

Through the narrative of his personal transformation from an agnostic gay man to a Bible professor, and through his graduate level education in biblical languages, theology, and even health sciences, Dr. Yuan casts a compelling vision of not embracing our sexuality, but embracing Christ, thus shattering the paradigms of gay and straight and pointing us toward the biblical standard of holy sexuality.

Dr. Yuan is a highly sought-after expert whose book, Holy Sexuality and the Gospel, was named 2020 book of the year for social issues by Outreach Magazine. Christopher will be joined by his mother, Angela, as they minister together testifying to the transformative power of the gospel.

Watch Christopher's Testimony


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For conference notes and slides, visit the corresponding links below to download.

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