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Welcome to Biblical Manhood

Masculinity is in a state of crisis today. From cultural stereotypes to labels such as “toxic,” our society is confused about what manhood should be. Difficult or nonexistent relationships with our dads and challenges in our own personal journeys compound our confusion, leading to frustration, loneliness, and even despair. As men, it is easy to get lost and wander in life. God created manhood with a specific purpose – a heroic calling for each man. We are here to help you rediscover God’s vision for your life as a man and give you the tools to live this courageous life. This world needs a bold movement of men to rise up and be the men they’ve been called to be.

We are so excited to begin this journey together. Each time we meet, we will gather as a large group to listen to a powerful talk. Then we will break into discussion groups. Below you'll find the link to the large group gathering and handout for the current week.

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Handout for This Week

Session 30 Handout

Catch Up on Previous Biblical Manhood Talks

You can watch the Biblical Manhood videos you've missed by clicking the link below.


Building Your Manhood Plan

Use the Building Your Manhood Plan document below to assist in your journey to Authentic Manhood.


Biblical Manhood Celebration Breakfast

Saturday, June 5, 8:30am - HCBC at the Pond

Come join the community of men by celebrating your journey through our Biblical Manhood series.  We will enjoy coffee and breakfast tacos together as we reflect on our year together and recognize those men who completed a Manhood Plan. 

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