Advent at Home

This year has been anything but normal, but there is one thing we can count on no matter what—God and His love for us! He showed us His love by sending His son Jesus to us. Even though Christmas may look different this year, we can still celebrate this ultimate act of God’s love.

The four Sundays before Christmas are called Advent. During these four weeks, we prepare and celebrate the arrival of Jesus, typically accompanied by the lighting of a candle each week. To help you and your family celebrate the arrival of Jesus, we have videos and activity sheets to guide you through each week. The videos will help walk through a candle lighting and the activity sheets provide different options, from games to Christmas carols, to engage the whole family for a memorable Christmas season.

Advent culminates on Christmas with the lighting of the Christ candle, and for that, we have two options for you—one of our many Christmas Eve in-person services or our new online Christmas Eve experience. These are in the works and more details will be shared here soon!

Hope–Week 1

Week 1 Activity Sheet

Joy–Week 2

Week 2 Activity Sheet

Love–Week 3

Week 3 Activity Sheet

Peace–Week 4

Week 4 Activity Sheet

If you are looking for even more things to do as Christmas approaches, you can check out our Hill Country Children Advent Calendar that has an activity for every day of the month.

Hill Country Children Online

Family Worship

Whether joining us online or in-person, worshipping together as a family can lead to spiritual growth for all! We have 2 resources to help you and your kids.

To help kids learn from the message (either online or in-person), we have Sermon Notes for Kids. Use this to help your kids take notes and ask questions they may have about the sermon.


To help the whole family talk about each message, we have Family Discussion Questions to go along with each message. You can also find the questions for individual messages on

November 22 Questions

November 29 Questions


Family Devotional

We want to help families make the most of their time together and use already existing rhythms to grow both spiritually and together. Whether in the morning, before bed, in the car, or around the table for a meal, spiritual conversations can help these moments be more meaningful in the lives of the children and parents.

To help you and your spiritual growth, The Family Bible Devotional by Sarah Wells is a great tool. Within the devotional, there is Scripture, prayer topics, conversation starters, activities, and discussion questions to engage the whole family as you walk through 52 stories within Scripture.

We have worked with the publisher in order to receive a discount on the devotionals, so you can purchase yours below for $4! When you pick up the book at our Lakeline or Steiner Ranch Locations, we will provide additional resources with the book to help you as you lead your families through Scripture.


In addition to this devotional, we will be providing additional questions, activities, and more for you in your family in line with this devotional every month. You can find out more about this in the section AT HOME RESOURCE SUBSCRIPTION below.

At Home Resource Subscription

We are here for you as the family and believe in you as the primary disciple of your children! One way we want to support you is through equipping you with tools to help raise your children in the way of the Lord.

When you subscribe to our regular At Home Resource and Support Families with Children, you will receive where we are as a church going through The Family Bible Devotional and get bonus questions and activities to use during your family devotional time. We will also include additional resources to help you in your spiritual growth, growth as a family, and growth as you raise your kids.


Age Specific Lessons

Outside of Family Worship, these age specific lessons will engage your children to learn more about who God is and how He created us to live.  We teach these same lessons on a Sunday, so your kids should find them familiar and fun. They will love worshipping, hearing God’s Word, and participating in the simple activity.   

We’ll update the weekly worship and lesson video on Mondays! Just select your child’s age level below and enjoy.


Kinder-3rd Grade

4th-5th Grade

Weekly Activities


Kinder-3rd Grade

4th-5th Grade


For even more ideas that fit your child, download the Parent Cue App.

Additional Resources