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A Journey through the book of Acts

Unleashed! drops us into the middle of a world revolutionized by Jesus – God Himself dwelling among us. Jesus brought God’s long-awaited Answer for a broken world, offering complete restoration and a forever father/child relationship with God. The price was excruciating, the victory was exhilarating, and impact on individuals and society was revolutionizing. Everything was changed. At this pivotal point in history, through the book of Acts, we will experience the power of God exploding His Kingdom by unleashing His freshly transformed people to reach every man, woman, and child with The Answer – Jesus. Astonishing. Terrifying. Thrilling. Empowering. The story of God through His people unleashed continues even today and calls us to be part of adventure, to be Unleashed!

Unleashed! is the third series in our 4 semester journey through the Bible:
Rescued! Embraced! Unleashed! Transformed! — A Two Year Journey through the Story of God

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