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engage!  is a non-partisan HCBC Community Impact ministry to encourage believers in Christ to engage! more in the civic arena; to intentionally educate, encourage and engage believers to take Christ into civic activities to serve our community, state and country. Our goal is to equip believers to become more informed citizens and voters, and possibly engage them to serve in a variety of roles such as boards, work groups or nonprofits.

Last spring, a series of engage! classes met Feb. 12 – March 5 to discuss the 85th Texas State Legislature session.

The first class in our series featured a Q&A with State Representative Tony Dale and Williamson County Commissioner Cynthia Long. Rep. Dale talked about his background and how he got involved in politics, provided an overview of the Texas State Legislative process and highlighted the major issues being addressed this session.

In Week 2, we learned about the 85th State Legislature’s online resources, how to access information and how to follow a bill through the legislative process.

Week 3 featured guest speakers from Texas Values and Concerned Women of America, who discussed the challenges to religious freedoms in today’s political climate.

Week 4 featured specific steps for becoming Engaged at the State Capitol.

Watch the series of 4 class videos online at your convenience! Simply click on the class link below:

  1. Rep. Tony Dale interview – featuring Rep. Tony Dale with Cynthia Long
  2. Legislature’s Website Overview
  3. Texas Values and Concerned Women of America – featuring Nicolle Hudgens and Deborah Simmons
  4. Five Steps to Becoming Engaged at the State Capitol

engage! with Christ followers currently serving in the Civic arena!!

Pastor Tim challenged us in his “In God We Trust” sermon series, that as Christians we have a civic duty to vote and participate in local, state and federal government. Not sure where to start? The Civic Engagement Class 101 was developed for you!

  • Want to learn more about how all 3 levels of government effect your everyday life while learning how you can have your voice more effectively heard?
  • Would you like to know about the opportunities that are available for you to possibly serve on civic boards and commissions?
  • How would you like to hear from Christ followers that are currently serving in the civic arena to gain an “insider’s perspective?”

Watch the series of 5 classes online at your convenience! Simply click on the class link below and enter the password Civics.

  1. Federal Government – taught by Cynthia Long
  2. State Government – taught by Donna Chatham and Rick Rhodes
  3. Local Government – panel moderated by Cynthia Long
  4. Local Government (continued)
  5. Interacting in the Civic Arena While Growing in your Christian Walk – taught by Doug  James

This ministry offers the following types of volunteer opportunities:

  • City Development
  • Evangelists
  • Meeting Coordinators
  • Research
  • Prayer Warriors
  • Social Media Developers

Specific volunteer need: Promote voter registration, lead discussion groups or Bible studies, participate in a prayer team for elected officials, join the resource development team for the engage! website, social media assistance.

Volunteer commitment: Varies, contact for details.

For more information or to volunteer, email HCBC ministry leaders Cush and Donna Chatham.

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