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Students Online

Check out this video for some great family discussion questions surrounding this Sunday's sermon. We encourage you to set some time aside to come together and talk through these.

This page is a great resource to stay connected to Student Ministry as we will provide updates from our Student Ministry Team, ways to remain engaged and plugged in as well as other resources.

While we are bummed we are not currently connecting in person and gathering as a large group, we are grateful that we can stay connected digitally. You'll not only have the opportunity to go to your small group virtually, but use this time as a chance to build your relationship with God. Don't have a Small Group? We got you covered! Email [email protected] to get digitally connected. Check out this video of Pastor Tim discussing ways you can spend time with God and have a daily quiet time.

Here's a great devotion to help get you started.

Here are a few ways you can grow together as a family:

  • Read a book as a family over the course of a week. Choose a different narrator each day!
  • Daily photo challenge: Take a family photo daily. 
  • Create a fun "Second a Day" family montage using this app.
  • Learn a new game to play or pull out an old favorite.
  • Make some new wall art for the home by painting with watercolors.
  • Engage in HCBC Student Ministry Social Media challenges and encouragement through Instagram (@hcstudentslakeline) (@hcstudentssteiner) (@hcstudentscrystallfalls) (@hcstudentsbrushycreek), and Facebook (Lakeline) (Crystal Falls) (Brushy Creek) (Steiner Ranch).
  • Create a Family Mission Statement.
  • Create personal vision boards.

Take this time to make a positive impact on one another by:

  • Choosing a house project that impacts your student that you can work on together (painting their room, cleaning out their room to make donations, etc.)
  • Creating a chore list, but allow each person's chore to have a positive impact on another family member. Let them pick who they would like to serve before assigning them a chore!

Please email us at [email protected] if we can support you and your family in any way moving forward.