Rewrapping Christmas: Share your best gift this season

'Tis the season of fun, festivities, family, friends...and gifts! Christmas has increasingly become a time of getting caught up in the gifts. But while we're wrapped up in the physical gifts, we can miss out on the best gifts of all.

This Christmas, we're looking to take back Christmas by focusing on the greatest gift-giver of all, God, and His generosity toward us. As we explore all the amazing gifts God gives to us, you may find that your most significant presents, to both give and receive, are wrapped very differently this year. 

We believe that you'll find that your best gift will actually be one that you give to Jesus—a gift of pure generosity because it was first given to you. 

Rewrapping Christmas Challenge

Come together as a family or friends, think of someone you know who has a need, and ask God how you could meet that need as your gift to Him this Christmas. Here are a few examples of different types of needs to get you thinking: 

Emotional Needs: Offer encouragement, your time, or a thoughtful card 

Spiritual Needs: Share the gospel, mentor/coach someone, or enjoy a cup of coffee and conversation 

Physical Needs: Bring a meal to someone, fix or replace something that is broken, or offer to give someone a ride 

These are simply a few ideas of what you could do to bless someone for Jesus. What will you do? If you commit to this challenge and share it with us, we'll give you something special to put on your tree to remind you of your gift to Jesus this year.

Are you all in with the Rewrapping Christmas Challenge?


If you're committed to the Rewrapping Christmas Challenge, we'd love to know that you're all in.  Simply text the following code according to the campus you attend:

Lakeline Campus:  Text LLGift to 25827
Brushy Creek Campus:  Text BCGift to 25827 
Crystal Falls Campus: Text CFGift to 25827  
Steiner Ranch Campus: Text SRGift to 25827 


We'd love to know how you're rewrapping Christmas this year by sharing the generosity God has given you with others.

Share your ideas and story here!

Talk with Your Child(ren)!

Parents, as you take on the Rewrapping Christmas Challenge, you'll want to help your children understand the concept of giving Jesus a special gift this Christmas.  Use this guide as a framework to talk and pray with your child(ren) about who has an emotional, physical or spiritual need that you, as a family, can meet.  You'll find tips, tools, and even ideas for gifts.  We look forward to hearing how God works through your family this year to bless a person or family in need. 

Download the Parent Guide