Prison Ministries

Learn more about opportunities at Hill Country Bible Church to serve people affected by incarceration. From people who are still incarcerated to their families and those seeking to return to the community, we care about serving their needs and loving them the way Christ called us to.

Texas Reach Out Ministry

Come Alongside Men & Women Returning to the Community from Prison 

Texas Reach Out Ministry offers faith-based programmatic residential facilities for men and women who have been incarcerated to assist them in integrating back into the community in a healthy and productive way.

This ministry offers the following types of volunteer opportunities:

  • Evangelism
  • Physical Labor
  • Professional Services (Administrative Office Help)
  • Tutoring & Mentoring (Teaching Bible Studies, Mentoring & Discipleship)

For more information or to volunteer, contact HCBC Ministry Leader Garland Cole or call the ministry office at 512.291.0921.

God of Hope

Take the life-changing reality of Jesus to inmates

Through the ministry of God of Hope, men and women are coming out of prison with a new hope and a newfound relationship with God that guides them to a healthier lifestyle and less likelihood of returning to prison. 94% of the graduates of our program go on to never commit offenses again. Our teaching and discipleship take place in our faith-based dorms and are located at the Lockhart Female Unit, the Travis Male Unit as well as the Gatesville Male Unit. Inmates who have shown an interest in and been accepted into the God of Hope program live in the ministry’s faith-based dorms for 24 hours a day until completion of the 6 month curriculum.  Inside the dorms, volunteers teach and disciple inmates through classes that teach them the Bible, spiritual habits and life skills. Through pen-pal volunteers, the inmates receive encouragement and support during their 6 month program.

The ministry offers the following opportunities to serve:

  1. Dorm Teacher:  Weekly teach inmates the study of selected materials which meet the guidelines of TDCJ and are endorsed by The God of Hope Ministries program leaders.


  1. Discipleship Group Leader: meet weekly in group setting to foster accountability, tolerance, confidentiality, listening, sharing, and acceptance.


  1. Life-coach:  meet weekly to walk through life with an offender discliping them in the Bible and praying for the offender’s concerns as well as helping the offender prepare for their release.


  1. Pen-pal:  Volunteers are assigned an inmate and write letters weekly that serve to be a source of hope and encouragement during the duration of the 6 month program. 


  1. Apprentices or substitutes assist a regular volunteer, learning from the more experienced volunteer until they’re ready to move into a regular volunteer position themselves. This is a good starting point for people making their initial venture into prison ministry or for those who cannot make a long-term weekly commitment.


  1. Other roles that support the ministry: office assistant, volunteer recruiting, graphic design, newsletter writing, special event planning and fundraising.


If you’d like to visit the prison a few times to see if you feel prison ministry is a fit for you, please call our office at (512) 891-1649 or email us at [email protected].

Contact for the men volunteers: Patrick Burns  [email protected]

Contact for the women volunteers: Lisa Dozier [email protected]


Here you can also find testimonies of inmates and volunteers as well as statistics and our curriculum.  



Jail to Jobs by Nineveh Ministries

Empowering Juvenile Offenders Across Texas

The Jail to Jobs program was created by Nineveh Ministries to help youthful offenders break the cycle of incarceration by utilizing employment-based mentoring and training. Volunteer needs include in-facility Bible study leaders, mentors, guest speakers (teach a Bible lesson or a skill) and weekday lunch providers.

For more information or to volunteer, email HCBC ministry leader Lara Bailiff.

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Polunsky Prison Ministry

AIM Polunsky: Advancing Inmate Ministries

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To reach 3000 men imprisoned in the Allan B. Polunsky Unit of TDCJ with the transforming power of our Living God.


To build a community of believers from the churches around the Southeast Texas region that will love, support, and encourage the community of believers living inside the walls of the Polunsky Unit

To help further the ministry of the church within the walls of Polunsky Unit by providing opportunities for Church leadership to gain Biblical knowledge and ministry training.

Have you ever been to church in prison?

VOLUNTEERS  are invited to join our ministry as we serve and encourage those living inside the walls of the Polunsky Unit, located in Livingston, Texas.  Just a one day commitment – we travel to the prison in the morning, meet and pray with inmates, worship with them during the service and return home the same day. Men and women are welcome to participate. We attend on average three services per month.

For more information or to volunteer, contact HCBC Ministry Leader Frank Stahler.


Minister to Prisoners & Their Families

Changing Hearts; Transforming Lives; Impacting the World

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Kairos Inside & Kairos Outside

The mission of the Kairos Prison Ministry is to share the transforming love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to impact the hearts and lives of incarcerated men, women and youth, as well as their families, to become loving and productive citizens of their communities.

Kairos Inside is composed of trained volunteers who present a weekend program designed to minister to a select group of inmates. Through talks, conversations, chapel visits, music, prayer and more, often a Christian community begins to form. After the weekend, weekly accountability groups and monthly reunions are held.

Kairos Outside is a weekend retreat designed to support the female loved ones of those who are or have been incarcerated. The goal of Kairos Outside is to help them find strength for their life journey and give them a chance to find and build relationships that may last a lifetime.

Both types of weekends are offered twice a year per unit, with five team-building meetings scheduled prior to each event.

Volunteer needs and commitments vary and may include becoming a Team Member, Prayer Partner, or outside support such as letter writing or providing children’s artwork.

For information about serving at the Hughes Unit in Gatesville, TX, contact HCBC ministry leader Alex Martinez.

For information about serving at the Briscoe Unit in Dilley, TX or the Torres Unit in Hondo, TX, contact HCBC ministry leaders Ed or Bettye Keefer or visit the Kairos website to learn more.

Bill Glass Day of Champions

The Bill Glass BEHIND THE WALLS ministry trains volunteers in evangelism and how to reach out and connect with inmates. If God is calling you to learn and apply new ways to share the good news of the Gospel, prayerfully consider attending this powerful annual event. Both men and women are encouraged to attend, as we will be ministering to male and female inmates.

Annual event each February.

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