Hill Country Children at Home

Family Worship

Whether joining us online or in-person, worshipping together as a family can lead to spiritual growth for all! We have 2 resources to help you and your kids.

To help kids learn from the message (either online or in-person), we have Sermon Notes for Kids. Use this to help your kids take notes and ask questions they may have about the sermon.

Sermon Notes for Kids

To help the whole family talk about each message, we have Family Discussion Questions to go along with each message. You can also find the questions for individual messages on

August 2 Questions

August 9 Questions

Daily Schedule

Summer is here, and with it, more free time. Having a schedule can help both you and your child make the most of this summer!

You can use this Daily Schedule as a guideline to provide some structure to your day. In the printable version, we layout the day in to small, manageable blocks. This version is great to print and stick up in a visible place in your help. In the resource version, we have the same schedule, but under each activity, we have included a variety of to help you as the parent.


Age Specific Lessons

Outside of Family Worship, we also have age specific lessons for you children.These are the same lessons we teach on a Sunday, so your kids are already familiar with them and are most likely to see the videos! In these lessons, your child learns more about who God is and how He created us to live. There also also at home activities if you are looking for ways to make the most of this summer!

We have 2 options for you to help you lead your kids through these lessons we normally share on a Sunday: through our website and the ParentCue app. Both have the same lesson, but different ways for you to lead extra activities for your families. 

Weekly Videos


You can find a link to our Facebook and Instagram below. We use these to help share tips, activity ideas, Family Discussion Questions, and more! Be sure to follow us to stay up to date!



Parent Cue App Instructions

In the ParentCue app, there will be the following sections to help you lead Hill Country Children at Home. You can find set up instructions below.

Watch This

This is your child's weekly lesson video. Spend a few minutes watching the story. This will cue you up for the rest of the activities.

Remember This

This is the memory verse for the week. Spend some time hiding God's Word in your hearts.

Think About This

This is the bottom line or main point of the lesson. Think about how this applies to the story and how it applies to your lives.

Do This

This section provides activities for you to do in the regular rhythms of your day (Morning Time, Drive Time, Meal Time, and Bed Time). Whether you do this on Sunday or another day of the week, use this section to help your kids connect personally with this week's lesson.

Downloading the App for the First Time:

  1. Download the ParentCue App
  2. Set up an account.
  3. Choose Hill Country Bible Church as your home church (with 12124 Ranch Road 620 N address)
  4. Add your children and select the age group that they are in.
  5. Make sure you have push notifications enabled! Each Sunday, we will send out the new info and can give you encouragement throughout the week.

If you already have the app on your phone:

  1. Tap the top left corner.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Go to My Church.
  4. Choose Hill Country Bible Church as your home church (with 12124 Ranch Road 620 N address).

Parent's Guide to the Parent Cue App Instruction Video