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Bible Doctrine Survey


What if I told you there was a way to better apply the Bible to everyday life?...And, at the same time, better recognize when events in everyday life conflicted with the Bible…Oh, and at the same time, be able to explain to a friend, or someone far from Jesus, why you come to those conclusions about everyday events.

Now more than ever, we need to know what God has said about life in a way that makes it easy to apply to the times we live in. We need it for ourselves as we read the news. We need it for us and our families as we strive to live in line with God’s truth. And we need it for friends and neighbors who need someone in their life who can make biblical sense of a far too often senseless world. 

We invite you to  prayerfully consider joining us for Bible Doctrine Survey this Fall. You will be equipped in biblical theology. Not only from the standpoint of understanding the Bible’s answers to theological questions, but equipped to better recognize non-biblical theology.

We will dive into topics like:

The Trinity – Three Persons, One God

The Bible – Inerrant, Infallible and fully sufficient for life

Jesus – Fully God, Fully Man, Only Savior

Holy Spirit – Fully God, Fully With us, Our Helper

Angels and Demons

Humanity – Fallen Image Bearers

Salvation – How is a person saved?

Stewardship – Making the most out of what God’s given us

Sin – It’s Origin and Effects

Eschatology – What does the future hold?


Fall 2023 Offering



Bible Doctrine Survey - Aug. 30 - Nov. 8

    • Wednesdays 7:00-8:45 pm
    • Live onsite or online via Zoom