Ashley's Story


Ashley was at the lowest point in her life, until she gave the Women's Bible Study a chance.

Ashley was cautious at best when she accepted an invitation and arrived for Hill Country’s Women’s Bible Study in the fall of 2015. She said to herself, “If there isn’t parking, I’m leaving…If I can’t find my daughter’s room easily, I’m leaving…If I can’t find my room, I’m leaving.”

What the young, soon-to-be-divorced mother found was a front row parking spot and friendly greeters ready to help and show her around.

Although reserved at first, it wasn’t long before Ashley opened up to her women’s small group—a collection of young married moms—about her impending divorce and other serious personal struggles. Ashley admitted that despite being raised in church, she had been away for some time and her marriage had not been Christ-centered. However, her trials had revealed to her just how much she needed Jesus, and that’s why she accepted the invitation.

After that first week of Bible study, Ashley joined Hill Country Bible Church, joined the study for the year, and joined a DivorceCare group. Throughout the year she developed meaningful relationships within her divorce care group and her women’s small group, even finding herself offering valuable wisdom and insight every week. Most importantly, Ashley has totally fallen in love with Jesus.

Even though Ashley is originally from Dallas, and early on in her separation and divorce hoped to move back, Hill Country and the ministries she’s become involved in are such a huge part of her life, she would be hesitant to leave Austin.

Ashley is truly a product of God’s ability to radically heal and transform lives—and it all started with a friend’s invitation, and Ashley’s willingness to give the Women’s Bible Study a chance.