Women's Christmas Event 

We are taking the Women's Christmas Event to our Neighborhoods!

Every year HCBC women throw a huge party to enjoy their friends and family and engage them with the truth and joy of the gospel. Through it, God transforms lives, and WE get to be a part of that!

This year, we are excited to multiply our celebration by taking it  FROM Christmas at the Church TO Christmas on the Block!

With our church wide and city wide Love Where You Live initiative, God led us to tailor the 2015 Christmas Event to equip and encourage HCBC women to connect with their neighbors in a simple, relational way.

HOW? Through creative yet simple neighborhood Christmas parties. We will provide each hostess a "party in a box" with invitations, decor, serving resources, and special party favors/Christmas gifts that explain the gospel and the true meaning of Christmas.

YOUR PART? Throw a neighborhood Christmas party! Invite women in your neighborhood, provide some simple food (we have suggestions!), create a holiday atmosphere (we can help you!), trust God, and enjoy new and old friends!

Let's love where we live this Christmas!

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Blank Invitations (2 sided, 4 per page)
Editable Invitations (2 sided, 4 per page)

Call our Women's Christmas Event hotline at 512-920-0686 or email wce@hcbc.com