The 55+ Connection

For those in the 55+ life stage, we provide opportunities for fellowship and encourage spiritual growth through Adult Bible Fellowships, socials, Small Groups, trips, and opportunities to serve others.

Care: Whether at home, in a medical facility or a senior living facility, we are here to provide support, love and hope from God's Word. To connect your homebound loved one, click here.

Comfort: When you are going through trials, a team member will be there to give Godly comfort. You are never alone.

Challenges: We want to help you to grow in your personal walk with God, to serve in a ministry, be involved in the mission field, mentoring others all for Jesus Christ.

Connections: Come join us for fellowship-filled socials with food at every event. The 55+ Connection sponsors trips, including weekend events and cruises, so bring your friends. Small Groups and Adult Bible Fellowship (ABF) classes (formally known as Sunday School), are excellent ways to connect with others and form meaningful relationships.

Digging Deeper Gamma would like to announce its next study from The Wallbuilders American Heritage series.


When: June 7

Where: Portable 2A

Time: 8:30 to 9:45

For Whom: Intergenerational

Discussion leader: Al Cherepon

 The Wallbuilders American Heritage Series


Adult Bible Fellowship Classes

Digging Deeper Alpha- Study: The Holy Spirit    Portable 2A 10:00 am
Digging Deeper Beta- Study: ACTS: The Apostolic Church Takes a Stand.   Portable 2B 11:30 am
Digging Deeper Gamma- Study: "Conversational Evanglisim"   Portable 2A
8:30 am
Freebirds: A book study on The Study of Islam   Portable 8A 10:00 am
Prime Time: The Book of John   Portable 5 8:30 am
Touch Pointe: What God teaches about Wisdom    Room 4.102 8:30 am

Small Groups

Small groups is a great way to get connected, meet friends and learn from God's Word. Meeting locations and times vary throughout the week. For more information, call 512.336.4347 or submit the "Help me find a small group" form on the small groups page.

Community Service

We have several opportunities to serve within both HCBC and our community. We conduct Bible studies, birthday parties and worship services at Senior Living Facilites, as well as help with hospitality and other events at the church. Click Here for additional information regarding this ministry opportunity.

To find out more information about how to get started in The 55+ Connection email Bob A. King or call 512-336-4347.