Commitment Sunday

During Regular Services

Steiner Ranch
Laura Welch Bush Elementary

On Sunday, May 21, we will come forward with our first offerings and commitments for our three-year Forward in Faith initiative. This is a time to present your initial gift, as well as the long-term commitment you feel God leading you to contribute in order to reach the lake area with the gospel.

We encourage everyone in our Steiner Ranch Campus family to prayerfully consider what God might have them give toward Forward in Faith. If you haven’t already, now is the time to come before God and ask Him how He would have you contribute! You can start in the following ways.


Come before God daily and pray over these three things. You can even visit our Forward in Faith blog to help you approach your daily devotional time.

  • Ask God to show you what He would have you give to Forward in Faith, above and beyond your regular giving.
  • Expect God to do something through you beyond what you think is possible.
  • Follow through on what God tells you to do, including being willing to sacrifice if that is His will.


Hold a Commitment Conference

The most important decision you or your family will make during Forward in Faith will be the decision about your giving commitment. Having a commitment conference is a great opportunity to discuss giving and what God is leading you to give, and we encourage everyone to gather as a family or with friends to hold one. You can use our Commitment Guide to walk you through the commitment process.