ADRN Orientation

June 20, 2017
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

First Floor Auditorium


Getting the Church Behind the Yellow Tape

New Volunteer Orientation Overview

Every new volunteer that wants to join ADRN is required to take this 3-hour class to give you an introduction to ADRN, how to get involved, and the impact we are having on our community and/or families we are serving in times of disaster. Every volunteer that completes this course will receive an ADRN badge and become a certified ADRN volunteer.

Course Outline

Introduction to ADRN
ADRN Orientation & Preparedness Training shares who we are, how we impact the community and how you can get involved.
Training Pathway Overview
Each volunteer is given the opportunity to choose their involvement level based on the direction they choose through training pathways provided.
ADRN Deployment
Review what it means to be ready to deploy with ADRN.
ADRN Core Teams
Introduction to our Core Teams within ADRN, how we function and how to get involved or be part of the leadership team.
Meet the DRC from Your Church
Meet your church’s Disaster Relief Coordinator (DRC), understand their role in assisting you on your pathway to become an ADRN trained volunteer.

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