The Residency Program, formerly Protégé Program exists to invest in young leaders who desire to pursue vocational ministry as pastors, church planters and missionaries. This 12-month program exposes residents to ministry while serving on HCBC staff. 

Opportunities for Residents

The Residency program is designed to develop leaders who are passionately committed to giving every person in their spheres of influence repeated opportunities to see, hear and respond to the gospel.

Weekly Training and Ministry Involvement// 

  • Resident Learning Community- This time will be spent intentionally developing you as a leader, give you the opportunity to share what you are learning with the other protégés and grow together.
  • Staff Meetings & Leadership Development- Gather with our HCBC staff to celebrate how God is working, worship and pray as well as participate in ongoing leadership development.
  • Saturate Austin Institute - Gain valuable theological training 
  • Ministry Meetings & Responsibilites- Meet weekly with your focus ministry's team and play a role on the team!

Hands On Experience// Residents have the opportunity to "specialize" in one of these ministry areas:

  • College
  • Young Adults
  • Global Outreach
  • Small Groups
  • Student Ministries
  • Community Impact
  • Recovery/Care
  • Worship
  • Children's Ministry


In addition to real time feedback, each Resident will be formally evaluated on a quarterly basis.  The evaluations will highlight areas of strength and the need for improvement.  The evaluations serve as tools for encouragement and self-awareness.

For information about the application process, click here.